Why tracking micro conversions is indispensable for a PPC campaign?

by Vineet Singh, January 15, 2013

Who can deny daydreaming about skyrocketing sales and  unbeatable conversion numbers?

We, business owners and online marketers are indeed obsessed with a couple of big ticket items – “the final conversions”.  And it can be anything –

  • actual sale
  • …whitepaper download
  • …submission of an inquiry form
  • ….or even a call at a Toll-free number (with the discount code available on the website)

These are called macro (big) conversions. Most of the marketing heads are laser-focused on macro conversion and rightly so – The success of a campaign is measured by the number of macro conversions.

What about micro conversions?  Do they hold little significance in the scheme of things?

Can their conversion rates be tied to the conversion rates of macro conversions?

Micro conversions can be any small customer action which ultimately aids him / her in the decision  making process. It can be any customer action prior to the final decision…

[tabs slidertype=”simple” auto=”yes”] [tab] …Reading product reviews …Adding / Updating items to a cart …Compare product features and prices …Check physical store locations …Browsing for product accessories …Evaluating Customer service policies and numbers …Evaluation of Trust seals[/tab] [/tabs]


What leads to Macro conversions?

Its a classic business case of missing the woods for the trees. A sale or any other type of conversion is never a one-step process – either in the offline or the online transaction. A macro conversion is always preceded by a series of micro conversions.  Any of these micro conversions can be a weak link in the whole sales process, which demands the same optimization effort for each of the preceding micro conversion as one would plan for the macro conversions.

In effect, the series of micro conversions build up the momentum for the macro conversions.

So, what do you say to your marketing team or agency?

…Show me the money – YES

…Show me the path to the macro conversions…YES

…I only care about the sales number…NO

…I really don’t care as to what happens on the Pre-Checkout pages….NO

…Can you show me what comprises the sales funnel?….YES

…Can you identify  OR Do you know the major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the business process…YES

Well, the above list will let the marketing team know that you are on top of your game.

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