5 most popular business uses of “custom metrics” within Google Analytics

by Vineet Singh, October 31, 2015


Within Google analytics, Metrics and Dimensions complement each other – in simple words, metrics are individual elements of a dimension that can be measured as a sum or ratio. GA provides a very exhaustive array of Dimensions and Metrics for data interpretation – but, these certainly don’t cover every type of custom business analysis – which drives the need to create Custom metrics.


But, before we brace ourselves for creating custom metrics, a few simple checklists should be performed…

  • Is it relevant to my analysis?
  • Is the metrics tied to the dimension?
  • Can it be measured as a sum / ratio?
  • Can this metric stand alone OR can they combine with another metric (custom / default) to offer a greater insight into our business issues


Let’s glide through some of the practical custom metrics that helps us in our analysis….

  1. Custom Dimension = MemberShip::: Custom Metric = Number of Member Visitors
  2. Custom Dimension = MemberShip::: Custom Metric = Number of Non- Member Visitors
  3. Number of Logged-In users at one point of time
  4. Capture authorship of posts through custom metric – Post / Page author. This custom metrics will help the relative popularity of various authors (page views per author).
  5. If you have an ongoing event / conference and you are doing registrations through the landing page WHERE you also have a Phone Number AND you also have a Live Chat option. The following custom metrics will add a greater insight to our conversion strategy for the event
  1. Registrations
  2. Phone Calls
  3. Live Chats
  4. Call durations
  5. Phone call Locations
  6. Chat Locations

What we have seen here is that we can drill down starting with our Business Objectives (KPIs) to Custom Dimensions to Custom metrics – with the analytical clarity to connect the custom metrics to our Business objectives.

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