A peep into the Native Ad Universe…

by Vineet Singh , September 21, 2015

Native advertising, as the name suggests, is a strategy where the advert blends with the context of the content – so that the reader doesn’t feel interrupted as they continue on their content consumption journey. A survey from Online Publishers Association says native ads include “content integrated into the design … Continue reading

Monitor your Mobile App using Google Analytics

by Vineet Singh , August 5, 2015

Mobile apps have transformed the standard norms of online business, information consumption, community engagement and online entertainment. Amidst the frenzied pace of mobile platform adoption by the businesses, the underlying need for capturing the right mobile metrics in real time cannot be sidelined. With mobile apps taking center stage in … Continue reading

How to track your internal site campaigns?

by Vineet Singh , July 14, 2015

Internal Campaign Tracking: Mind your Tags We equate campaign monitoring and tracking with the tracking and analyses of ‘external campaigns’– campaigns where users click a link outside of your site and arrive at one of the pages on your site. We dedicate a major part of our analytic capability towards … Continue reading

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